Friday, April 15, 2011

Mixed Feelings

If I knew how I felt about this, I would have posted earlier. But since I still don't know and it is getting later and later I may as well tell you that DH received a job offer and we accepted on Wednesday. People have been very kind about not being overly emotional or mean about us leaving, but faced with the colder facts of knowing we are certainly leaving I have mixed feelings.

I have never been secretive about my dislike about the city/suburbs of Pittsburgh, but you don't know that I have found the most precious people here. I'm not very vocal about my friends since I didn't have that many until not that long ago. It takes 3 years to really settle in to a place in my experience. We have been here for 4. That said, I will not miss you Big City, but I will miss your people.

The job we are heading to sounds really interesting to me. They are building a brand new generation of power plants, and the first one in the US is being built at Votgle in Georgia. DH will be a lead engineer, helping with training the new engineers and having other people below him. This is the most managerial job he has ever held and the benefits are lovely. Because there are no offices available down at the plant right now, he will have to wait to start working until after mid-June when they have built the office area. So for all you lovely friends who care, we will be here for another few months.

I promise to keep this updated with news and anything quirky I can come up with in the interim. We can expect lots of great things to come.


  1. It's people will miss you, too. :(

  2. I agree, Pittsburgh has the nicest people! Best wishes to your new venture in Georgia!