Monday, May 16, 2011

My new back door! It wouldn't be right not to post this after all the work it took DH to install it. It isnt finished (read: paint is necessary on the frame), but it looks sharp and the best part is it closes and locks! The new owners will never appreciate how much this was an improvement, but I will really enjoy it until we leave.
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Yeah! New switch, removed wallpaper, painted. The powder room is almost done!
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Old Stuff

This is a picture of my old wallpaper. What to note here is not just the wear and tear (it was ripped in several places in the room) but also that the light switch is sunken into the wall! So there's that.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big Helpers

DD2 and DD7 helped me scrape up the carpet pad residue from the hardwood. It looks stunning now. Forget Pergo, we have hardwood. Nyah nyah.

The First Thing that Had to Go

We are trying to sell our house. The first thing that had to go was this couch. You cannot grasp its complete awfulness from this picture, but trust me. The house was not being improved by its presence. As an extra bonus, DH sliced it in 6 handy pieces before we put it on the curb! Go us!