Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Slooooowly getting answers

Today was a little better for getting information. We were finally contacted by our representative and she asked for us to send the estimates to her (we had sent them to the company, but to our old rep who is on medical leave...I was wondering what they would do about that!) So I spent the better part of my time at the playground this afternoon on my smartphone sending the estimates to the new rep.

In other news, we passed the structural foundation issues!!! The news is official: my house is not falling down from the bottom up! We have a firm report from the structural engineer that the house is sound. HURRAY!!!

Wish I had more stuff to tell you. It will have to wait until tomorrow. Please pray with me that we do not need to replace the roof or get work done on the basement in order to get the buy out! Oh, and this is a picture of everyone after the 4th of July parade in Monroeville on Monday morning. Aren't they the cutest?

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