Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kennywood in the Rain

The last time we tried to go to Kennywood it was the girls' school picnic and we had just returned from Georgia after finding our dream home. The Pittsburgh house was trashed and we had to show it on Wednesday to a prospective buyer (exciting! but an utter failure) and to the 2 appraisers and the inspector later on Monday. To make matters worse, we had been trying to get home for 22 hours because of mechanical failure in Augusta and a storm in Charlotte. So instead of going to Kennywood we cleaned the house. *sigh* But I still had the tickets.

We decided on Friday July 8th since DH now has Fridays off. It was almost the last day we could go before leaving Pittsburgh entirely, so when the forecast called for rain, rain and more rain, we figured we would go anyway. It turned out to be a good idea. We were wet, but we had the place almost to ourselves until the skies cleared. They opened plenty of rides even with the thin crowds so there were barely any lines. DH and I took turns going on the Pit Fall, the Phantom Revenge, and the Sky Rocket (by far my favorite of the day!) The kids went on ride after ride in Kiddie Land and had a blast. The girls even went on some "big" rides they had never tried before. :)

Poor DD2! We dragged her onto the log flume first thing and she refused to go on another ride for the rest of the day. Because she is 2 (turns 3 in September) she was free. She was content to eat ice cream and watch everyone else ride. It was a sweet, if soggy, day and I'm glad we went.

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